The Wooden Reading Rest

Free up your hands

27 Sep The Wooden Reading Rest

The Wooden Reading Rest from that company called if, is beautifully crafted from Canadian Alder and allows you to read at a table or desk while adopting a more relaxed posture. When reading for pleasure or when reading while studying, the reading rest is perfect as it leaves your hands free and allows you to read comfortably.

The Wooden Reading Rest is particularly great to use in the kitchen.  It is angle adjustable so you can place your cookery books in a position that will allow you to follow a recipe with ease and have all the necessary measurements right at your fingertips.

This Reading Rest also allows you to place your cookery books away from the kitchen worktop, therefore lessening the chance of splashing the book with food.   So if like me, you are a messy cook, this reading rest is ideal.

The RRP for the Wooden Reading Rest is £19.99 and is available to buy now.

From September the Brilliant Reading Rests will also be available to buy.  These are based on the design of the Wooden Reading Rest and are available in 5 glorious colours.  They are constructed from durable, wipe-clean polypropylene making it particularly suitable for the kitchen.

The RRP for the Brilliant Reading Rest is £19.99 and is available to buy from September.

Both the Wooden Reading Rest and the Brilliant Reading Rest can fold flat making it easy to carry and store. They can also hold anything from a pint-sized pamphlet to a thick encyclopaedia.


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