The Artist by Angelo Marcos

You won't want to put it down

15 Mar The Artist by Angelo Marcos

A tense psychological thriller by new author Angelo Marcos. This book begins with a young actress regaining consciousness in a dirty, bare room in London. The room is completely empty apart from a mirror opposite her. As the woman tries to make sense of what has happened, a voice over a loudspeaker informs her that she has 15 minutes to live, and that she’d better make the most of it. Precisely fifteen minutes later, a bullet rips through her head. And so begins the story of the Artist.

The book gradually reveals this is the first of many killings by the Artist and thus the tension in the book begins to rise. Unlike many psychological thrillers, this book emphaises how these murders effect the main characters in the book, rather than following a detective trying to track down the serial killer. Making the book even more gripping. The main character in the book is not the usual choice as it follows the life of Kaylin, a 14 year old girl. You see events through her eyes, which actually makes the killings even more unnerving.

Without giving too much away, as the book develops, so does the relationship between the Artist and Kaylin.

The Artist ends with the killer being unmasked, as two huge plot twists are revealed. An ending that I did not predict. The Artist is a good, easy read that I would definitely recommend. The Artist is available at for £6.29


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