Borderfields Infused Rapeseed Oils

Wonderful infused golden oils

29 Sep Borderfields Infused Rapeseed Oils

Borderfields cold pressed rapeseed oils are both healthy and tasty. The oils have a near perfect blend of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. This is ten times the omega 3 than olive oil.

I haven’t tried rapeseed oil before and was pleasantly surprised how tasty the oils were. I tried the chilli infused oil, basil infused oil, garlic infused oil and lemon infused oil. I used all four oils whilst cooking and found all of them added a lovely flavour to my dishes.

I used the chilli infused oil with a chicken and vegetable stir fry and it gave a lovely fiery kick to the dish. The chilli was not at all overpowering but added a lovely flavour to my meal. This oil can also be used with pasta sauces which I will definitely try.

The basil infused oil was just as tasty as the chilli infused oil. I used this in salads, homemade brushetta and in tomato based pasta sauces and it was delicious. I particularly liked it in the pasta sauce as the basil was a lovely accompaniment to the tomatoes.

My favourite oil was the garlic infused oil. I adore garlic in food and this oil made my food taste delicious. One of my favourite uses for this oil was to create garlic bread. This was extremely easy to do and gave the bread a wonderful garlic taste.

The lemon infused oil was the last oil that I tried and it tasted lovely in salads. I also used it on chicken and it added a gorgeous flavour to the dish.

The rapeseed infused oils are a wonderful addition to cooking and I will definitely continue to use them in my dishes. My whole family also love the flavours which is definitely a bonus!

The rapeseed oils can be bought individually and in gift packs.
The RRP for individual 500ml bottles is £3.49. These are available to by from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Tesco and Morrisons.


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